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Seed Exchange Lots for 2017

h.p.  - Hand pollinated seeds.
c.p.  - Controlled pollination. (Stigma covered after pollination)
o.p.  - Open pollination.
c.w. - Collected in the wild.
comp. - Companion plants.

Lots marked with strikethrough are "sold out".

Richard Murcott, L.I. New York USA
17-1      o.p.   schlippenbachii, alba

Johnny Svensson, Sweden
17-2      c.p.   (bureavii x proteoides) X barbatum
17-3      c.p.   (bureavii x proteoides) X flinckii
17-4      c.p.   ('China' x 'Lissabon') X viscidifolium
17-5      c.p.   [('Hotei' x yakushimanum) x (yakushimanum x bureavii, ARS 98-167)] X kesangiae
17-6      c.p.   (smirnowii x 'Lugano') X "Viking Silver"
17-7      c.p.   (yakushimanum x calophytum) X "Viking Silver"
17-8      c.p.   adenogynum x flinckii
17-9      c.p.   bureavii X rex ssp. rex
17-10    c.p.   'Fantastica' X flinckii
17-11    c.p.   haematodes, c.w., KGB 802 X viscidifolium
17-12    c.p.   'Hotei' X barbatum
17-13    c.p.   'Hotei' X kesangiae
17-14    c.p.   'Hydon Velvet' X barbatum
17-15    c.p.   'Hydon Velvet' X kesangiae
17-16    c.p.   'Janet Blair' X 'Alfred'
17-17    c.p.   'Nancy Evans' X barbatum
17-18    c.p.   'Silberwolke' X viscidifolium
17-19    c.p.   wardii, Cox X barbatum
17-20    c.p.   wardii, Cox X viscidifolium
17-21    c.p.   wardii, c.w. Napa Hai X viscidifolium
17-22    c.p.   "Viking Silver" X rex ssp. rex
17-23    c.p.   yakushimanum X flinckii
17-24    c.p.   yakushimanum X rex ssp. fictolacteum
17-25    c.p.   yakushimanum X viscidifolium
17-26    c.p.   yuefengense X asterochnoum

Bruce Clyburn, Nova Scotia Canada
17-27    h.p.   'Scintillation' X 'Calrose'1
17-28    h.p.   'Ken's Find'2 X (yakushimanum x fictolacteum)
17-29    h.p.   'Sandra Hinton' X (yakushimanum x fictolacteum)
17-30    h.p.   'Sandra Hinton' X sinofalconeri, 00/188
17-31    h.p.   'Sandra Hinton' X kesangiae, 91/022
17-32    h.p.   fortunei 'Lu-Shan' X Right Mighty Splendid3
17-33    h.p.   'Haaga' X 'Rangoon'
17-34    h.p.   'Blazen Sun' X brachycarpum var. tigerstedtii
17-35    h.p.   maximum, Roseum X Nancy Steele4
  1 calophytum X griersonianum
  2 catawbiense f. insularis
  3 fortunei X catawbiense (Cpt. Steele)
  4 aureum var. aureum X 'Prelude' (Cpt. Steele)

JRS Seed Exchange, Eizi Yoshimura, Japan
17-36    o.p.   degronianum var. kyomaruense, pink, double
17-37    c.w.   keiskei, yellow, Tengu Rock
17-38    o.p.   degronianum var. yakushimanum, pink
17-39    c.w.   brachycarpum, pink, Mt. Minamihakkoda

M. Leydens, The Netherlands
17-40    c.w.   aureum1 X glischroides2
  1 aureum, c.w. ARS 04-388
  2 glischroides,  without data ex. Cox

Toyoji Ishizaki, Gunma, Japan
17-41    c.w.   tschonoskii
17-42    c.w.   nikoense

Chris Trautmann, Oregon USA
17-43    h.p.   macabeanum, Flavell Gardens West X 'Laramie'
17-44    h.p.   "Falcon's Crest"1 X 'Laramie'
17-45    h.p.   "Kathy Bones" X 'Laramie'
17-46    h.p.   "Rhody Hip"2 X macabeanum, (Bones)
17-47    h.p.   'Golden Mist' X ('Cayenne' x 'Tangerine Dream')
17-48    h.p.   "Nero's Fire" X "Angel Fire"  Goal: dark rusty orange
17-49    h.p.   macabeanum, Flavell Gardens West, selfed
17-50    h.p.   "Golden Horseshoe" X macabeanum, Bones3
  1 Falcon's Crest = (yakushimanum x falconeri) X 'Teacher's Pet'
  2 Rhody Hip = "Sunstream" X 'Trina'
  3 Cross is a Jack Looye remake

Michael Oliver, Oregon USA
All seeds are intraspecific crosses of R. occidentale, the Western Azalea.
17-51    comp.   SM28-1 X (SM28-2 X SM28-3)
17-52    h.p.   2406 X SM30
17-53    h.p.   (SM189 X SM232)15 X SM30
17-54    h.p.   502like X DD12
17-55    h.p.   SM28-1 X (SM189 X SM232)15
17-56    h.p.   TTYS X SM30
17-57    h.p.   [(SM149 X SM189) X SM30] X (SM189 X SM232)15
17-58    h.p.   (SM30 X SM247)06-1 X (SM30 X SM247)05-1
  1. SM28-1, SM28-2 and SM28-3 were found by Britt Smith and Frank Mossman on Stagecoach Hill, south of Orrick, CA. They were close together and are doubles, slightly different from one another. On each plant, only some of the flowers are double. The goal of the cross is to get a plant with a higher percentage of double flowers.
  2. SM30 is a Smith-Mossman find with a lot of yellow on each of the five petals. 2406 has a lot of pink and some yellow on all five petals. This cross has produced plants with a lot of yellow and pink on each of the five petals.
  3. SM189 XSM232 is a cross made by Dick Cavender. SM189 has large flowers for an occidentale and SM232 has very colorful frilly flowers. (SM189 X SM232)15 is a good selection from this cross. The aim of this cross is to produce flowers that look like the seed parent with lots of yellow in them.
  4. 502like is a picotee, but often has a wider picotee than does SM502, another picotee. This was found by Smith and Mossman on Stagecoach Hill. DD12 is called "Double Dig 12" and is another large plant on Stagecoach Hill. It has been determined to be a tetraploid by flow cytometry, but crosses readily with diploid azaleas. It does have thicker leaves than other occidentale azaleas.
  5. The goal of this cross is to have a double form of the cross (SM189 X SM232)15.
  6. TTYS is Tom Tatum Yellow Standard. It was found by Tom Tatum on Stagecoach Hill. It has a large standard petal nearly completely covered by yellow. There is also some yellow on the adjacent petals. This goal of this cross is to have more yellow on all five petals of the flower.
  7. The seed parent was a previous cross by Dick Cavender to get a larger flower with a lot of yellow. The goal of this cross is to create a large colorful flower with more yellow than that of the pollen parent.
  8. SM247 is Smith-Mossman plant with yellow on the top three petals. The goal of this second generation cross is to get more yellow on all five petals.

Joe Bruso, Massachusetts USA Zone 6A
17-59    h.p.   [(yakushimanum x lacteum) x (yakushimanum x macabeanum)] X 'Laramie'    Goal: large leaves, indumentum
17-60    h.p.   (brachycarpum x pachysanthum) X proteoides, RSF87/022    Goal: foliage
17-61    h.p.   (brachycarpum x roxieanum var. oreonastes) X strigillosum, RSF99/251    Goal: thin-leaves with indumentum, red flowers.
17-62    h.p.   'Cupcake' X (yakushimanum x wardii)  Goal: yellow or tropical flowers
17-63    h.p.   (degronianum x maximum)4 X (yakushimanum x falconeri)    Goal: large leaves
17-64    h.p.   [(hyperythrum x ('Hotei' x 'Copper Kettles')1] X 'Percy Wiseman'    Goal: tropical colored flowers, compact plant
17-65    h.p.   (maximum x makinoi) X ochraceum, RSF 04/266    Goal: red flowers on foliage plant
17-66    h.p.   (maximum x makinoi) X 'Hardy Giant'    Goal: large leaves
17-67    h.p.   (maximum x makinoi) X habrotrichum, RSF65/275    Goal: thin leaves, bristles
17-68    h.p.   'Mrs. Furnivall' X 'Olin O. Dobbs    Goal: light flowers, indumentum
17-69    h.p.   [(smirnowii x (proteoides x pronum)2] X sinofalconeri, RSF00/188    Goal: large leaves, indumentum
17-70    h.p.   ('Vinecrest' X 'Rising Sun') X 'Hardgrove's Deepest Yellow'    Goal: low growing yellow
17-71    h.p.   (yakushimanum, o.p.#1)3 X sinofalconeri, RSF00/188    Goal: large leaves, indumentum
17-72    h.p.   (yakushimanum x pachysanthum) X sinofalconeri, RSF00/188    Goal: large leaves, indumentum, tomentum
17-73    h.p.   (yakushimanum x wardii) X macabeanum    Goal: yellow flowers, indumentum
  1 Low growing, medium yellow
  2 This plant doesn't resemble its purported parentage, but looks more like what I would expect (makinoi x smirnowii) to look like. Regardless, it is a very good foliage plant and very floriferous.
  3 This plant has large, pure white flowers and light indumentum. It is a robust grower.
  4 degronianum used here is probably ssp. heptamerum. The seed parent has very large leaves, retained for many years.
  5 yakushimanum x wardii = cream colored

Joe Harvey, BC Canada
17-74    o.p.   makinoi
17-75    comp.   Cydonia oblonga1
17-76    comp.   Billardiera longiflora, blue fruit2
17-77    comp.   Billardiera longiflora, white fruit3
17-78    comp.   Dicentra scandens = Dactylicapnes macrocapnos4
  1 Lt. Governor garden, Victoria, BC
  2, 3 Stratify, possibly 2 years.
  4 Requires mycorrhizae. Sow on garden soil.

George Woodard New York USA
17-79    h.p.   (brachycarpum var. tigerstedtii x yakushimanum) X (brachycarpum var. tigerstedtii x macabeanum)
17-80    h.p.   "Halloween Candy"P1 (Wallace?) X ('Karen Triplett' x 'Big Deal' #3)
17-81    h.p.   {{'Janet Blair' x ['Nancy Evans' x ('Whopper' x 'Lem's Cameo')]} X {[(yak x Phipps #32) x 'Viennese Waltz']}P2 x ('Karen Triplett' x 'Big Deal' #3)
17-82    h.p.   ('Fantastica" x '1000 Butterflies') X "Peggy Roberts"P3
17-83    h.p.   'Diana Marguerite'P4 X "Peggy Roberts"P3
  P1 Photo at
  P2 Photo at
  P3 Photo at
  P4 Photo at

Betty Ann Addison, Minnesota USA
17-84    o.p.   mucronulatum, Eastern Bunny (Carlson Garden)
17-85    h.p.   mucronulatum, bright lavender, selfed
17-86    h.p.   smirnowii X 'Lee's Dark Purple'
17-87    o.p.   carolinianum, Coltest, R.I. (many fine forms)
17-88    h.p.   (dauricum, album X dauricum, nanum), selfed
17-89    h.p.   'Haaga' X 'Lee's Dark Purple'
17-90    h.p.   'Mountain Marriage' X pachysanthum, RSF619 #2

Jim Barlup, Washington USA
17-91    h.p.   'White Ginger' X 'Gargantua'

Joergen Nielsen, Denmark
17-92    c.p.   (smirnowii x macabeanum) X (yakushimanum x tsariense)
17-93    c.p.   ['Blewbury' x (sperabile x proteoides)] X 'Carmen'
17-94    c.p.   yakushimanum, deep rose, early blooming X yakushimanum, Esveld select
17-95    c.p.   yakushimanum, Esveld select X 'Carmen'
17-96    c.p.   yakushimanum, Esveld select X pachytrichum

Lonnie Player, North Carolina USA
17-97    h.p.   "Admiral Semmes" X 'Cape Fear Gold'
17-98    h.p.   atlanticum X sib.
17-99    h.p.   'Weston’s Lemon Drop' X 'Cape Fear Gold'

Norman Beaudry, Maryland, USA
17-100    h.p.   ('Hardy Giant' X macabeanum, Trewithin Yellow) X sinofalconeri, RSF 98/688
17-101    h.p.   'Hardy Giant' X yuefengense, RSF 08/246
17-102    h.p.   'Hardy Giant' X hodgsonii, RSF 76/191
17-103    h.p.   'Hardy Giant' X kesangiae, RSF 95/105
17-104    h.p.   'Hardy Giant' X rex ssp. fictolacteum, RSF77/417
17-105    h.p.   'Helen Ring'1 X strigillosum, RSF 99/251
17-106    o.p.   fortunei, Gable Hardy form
17-107    h.p.   'Nestucca' X 'North Wind'
17-108    h.p.   'Andrew Paton' X 'North Wind'
17-109    h.p.   'Dexter's Honeydew' X macabeanum, Bones
17-110    h.p.   'Sun Blush' X 'Blazing Grace'
17-111    o.p.   weyrichii
17-112    h.p.   'Nestucca' X 'Quaker Lake'2   Goal: fragrance
17-113    o.p.   calendulaceum, yellow
17-114    o.p.   calendulaceum, Engine Gap orange
17-115    h.p.   'Cape White' X 'Helen Vieira'
17-116    h.p.   "Hardy Loderi" selfed
  1 Helen Ring = maximum X arboreum, red, A. Kehr
  2 Quaker Lake = 'Dexter's Peppermint' X hyperythrum

Rosemary Hartman, Oregon USA
17-117    h.p.   basilicum
17-118    h.p.   hyperythrum X self
17-119    o.p.   principis
17-120    o.p.   insigne
17-121    h.p.   megeratum X self
17-122    h.p.   lanigerum X self
17-123    o.p.   argyrophyllum var. nankingense
17-124    o.p.   niveum
17-125    h.p.   uvarifolium
17-126    h.p.   praestans
17-127    h.p.   fulvum, large leaf, white
17-128    o.p.   fulvum, small leaf, pink/white
17-129    o.p.   fulvum, large leaf, white
17-130    h.p.   hyperythrum X argyrophyllum var. nankingense
17-131    h.p.   (diaprepes, 'Gargantua' x 'Cameo') X ('Azor' x 'Oregon Sunset')
17-132    h.p.   irroratum, 'Spatter Paint' X basilicum
17-133    h.p.   irroratum, 'Spatter Paint' X hodgsonii
17-134    h.p.   dilatatum x self (Azalea)

Anitra Laycock, Nova Scotia, Canada
17-135    o.p.   'Harold Amateis'  Goal: tight early trusses

John Weagle, Nova Scotia, Canada
17-136    h.p.   'Harold Amateis' X yuefengense, RSBG #248sd2006   Goal: colour in a yuefengense hybrid plus tight truss
17-137    h.p.   'Minas Grand Prè' X yuefengense, RSBG #248sd2006   Goal: hardier yuefengense look-alike
17-138    h.p.   'Sun Dust' X yuefengense, RSBG #248sd2006   Goal: colour in a yuefengense hybrid
17-139    h.p.   'Watchet' selfed   Goal: improved 'Watchet' plus select for hardiness
17-140    h.p.   'Wintonbury' X yuefengense, RSBG #248sd2006   Goal: hardier yuefengense look-alike
17-141    o.p.   brachycarpum, compact X proteoides   Goal: hardier yuefengense look-alike
17-142    h.p.   (brachycarpum, compact X proteoides) X yuefengense, RSBG #248sd2006   Goal: dwarfer yuefengense hybrid
17-143    o.p.   brachycarpum 'Tony Law' X rex ssp. fictolacteum   Goal: big leafers
17-144    h.p.   (brachycarpum 'Tony Law' X rex ssp. fictolacteum) X 'Babylon'   Goal: earlier flowerer, improved 'Babylon' foliage
17-145    o.p.   camtschaticum (white flower)   Goal: may require F2 to get white
17-146    o.p.   canadense   Goal: species will come true 100%
17-147    o.p.   camtschaticum
17-148    h.p.   fortunei ssp. discolor X yuefengense, RSBG #248sd2006   Goal: heat resistance in a yuefengense hybrid for mid-atlantic states south
17-149    o.p.   (kaempferi var. latisepalum) X siblings (HFX Public Gardens)   Goal: hardiness
17-150    o.p.   kiusianum, mixed colors
17-151    o.p.   mucronulatum var. taquetii (aka chejuense)   Comes true by 25% or better
17-152    h.p.   mucronulatum ('Woodland Pink x Cornell Pink')*   Comes true by 25% or better
17-153    h.p.   orbiculare X yuefengense, RSBG #248sd2006
17-154    comp.   Tetradium daniellii
17-155    comp.   Fraxinus ornus @SMU
17-156    comp.   Gaylussacia baccata

Hans Eiberg, Denmark
17-157    h.p.   luteum, orangeP1, selfed
17-158    h.p.   pseudochrysanthum, redP2, Poul Stangerup, selfed
17-159    h.p.   fauciumP3, selfed
17-160    o.p.   semibarbatum
17-161    o.p.   albrechtii, large corolla
17-162    o.p.   maximum, Mt. MitchellP4
  P1 Photo at
  P2 Photo at
  P3 Photo at
  P4 Photo at

Kristian Theqvist, Finland, zone 6a
17-163    h.p.   brachycarpum var. tigerstedtii1 X wightii2
17-164    h.p.   'Haaga'3 X arboreum4
17-165    h.p.   'Haaga'3 X campanulatum var. aeruginosum5
17-166    h.p.   'Kristian's Moonlight'6 x 'Böhmen'7
  1 brachycarpum var. tigerstedtii is a super hardy species in subsection Pontica
  2 wightii is yellow flowered species in subsection Taliensia
  3 'Haaga' is a very hardy hybrid from Finland
  4 arboreum is red flowered species in subsection Arborea
  5 campanulatum var. aeruginosum is hardy pink flowered species in subsection Campanula
  6 'Kristian's Moonlight' is a hardy low growing hybrid with yellow flowers that change to reddish
  7 'Böhmen' is said to be a selection of dichroanthum ssp. scyphocalyx. Suspected to be a hybrid.

Werner Brack LI, New York USA
17-167    h.p.   yakushimanum 'Frosted Jade' X sanguineum ssp. sanguineum var. haemaleum, RSBG
17-168    h.p.   'Impression' X 'Bud's Yellow'
17-169    h.p.   'Moser's Maroon' X 'Nova Zembla'
17-170    h.p.   vernicosum, Rock 18139 X viscidifolium, 65/297
17-171    h.p.   'Fantastica' X 'Consolini's Windmill'
17-172    h.p.   'Moser's Maroon' X C.S. Sargent'
17-173    h.p.   ('Gotham Rheingold' X 'Casanova')1
  1 Werner Brack/Jack Looye Cross

Karel Bernady, Pennsylvania USA
17-174    c.w.   calendulaceum, Pocahontas County, West Virginia
17-175    c.w.   arborescens, Somerset County Pennsylvania

Jack Looye, Ontario, Canada
17-176    h.p.   'Wyandanch Pink' X ('Mary Belle' x 'Casanova'
17-177    h.p.   ('R.O. Delp' x 'Hachmann's Brasilia') X ('Mary Belle' x 'Casanova')
17-178    h.p.   ["Golden Horseshoe"1 x("Sweet LuLu" x "Fiery Orange")] X (yakushimanum x 'Goldkrone')
17-179    h.p.   (maximum x yakushimanum, Konrad) X sinofalconeri
17-180    h.p.   'Ring's Monarch' X ('Sen. Henry Jackson' x 'Pacific Glow')
17-181    h.p.   (maximum x yakushimanum, Konrad) X "Kathy Bones"2
17-182    h.p.   [('Mary Belle' x "Frilled White") x 'Orlando'] X ('Mary Belle' x 'Casanova')
17-183    h.p.   ['Capistrano' x ('Bambi' x proteoides)] X 'Golden Horseshoe'1
17-184    h.p.   'Henry's Red' X 'Howard Kuhn'
17-185    h.p.   'Bubble Gum' X rubiginosum
17-186    h.p.   ['China Boy' x ('C.H. Dickens' x 'Mars')] X {['Nova Zembla' x ('America' x 'Mars')] x strigillosum}
17-187    h.p.   'Whitney's Dwarf Red' X strigillosum, Birck
17-188    h.p.   'Henry's Red' X strigillosum, Birck
17-189    h.p.   'Henry's Red' X kesangiae, A.S.F
17-190    h.p.   'Henry's Red' X 'Red Majesty'
  1 Golden Horseshoe = 'Papaya Punch' X 'Casanova'
  2 "Kathy Bones" = macabeanum x calophytum

Norm Beaudry, Maryland USA (2)
17-191    h.p.   'Doctor Denis Percell'1 X 'Helen Ring'2
  1 'Doctor Denis Percell' = maximum X 'Leo'
  2 'Helen Ring' = maximum X arboreum, red

Anonymous Donor, Pennsylvania USA
17-192    h.p.   "'Jenny Tabol' X 'Evening Glow'
17-193    h.p.   'Captain Jack' X (arboreum x delavayi, 228dt2000)
17-194    o.p.   Delp's (tetraploid minus x fastigiatum) X augustinii, 'Cerulean Mist' from RSF

Mike O'Hara, Pennsylvania USA
17-195    h.p.   'Scintillation' X 'Fashion Plate'
17-196    h.p.   'Queen Anne's' X 'Orange Ruffy'
17-197    h.p.   'Mrs. Peach'1 X ("George Mason Yellow" X 'Summer Peach')2
  1 Hank Schannen
  2 Geo. Woodard

Peter Norris, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts
17-198    h.p.   yuefengense X platypodum
17-199    h.p.   'Eruption' X yuefengense
17-200    h.p.   'Magnificat' X yuefengense
17-201    h.p.   'Beauty of Halesite' X yuefengense
17-202    h.p.   'Vulcan's Flame' X yuefengense
17-203    h.p.   'Festive Feast' X 'Hardy Giant'
17-204    h.p.   'Mary Belle' X 'Hardy Giant'
17-205    h.p.   'Dexter's Harlequin' X 'Sally Fuller'
17-206    h.p.   'Peggy's Choice' X 'Sally Fuller'
17-207    h.p.   'Furnivall's Daughter' X 'Sally Fuller'
17-208    h.p.   fortunei X 'Mary S. Phipps' (selfed)

Polly Hill Arboretum, Martha's Vineyard Massachusetts
17-209    o.p.   'Hal Bruce'
17-210    o.p.   flammeum 'Hazel Hamilton', Oconee Azalea

Mike McCullough, California USA
17-211    o.p.   burmanicum, Monte Toyon garden of Maurie and Fran Sumner.
17-212    o.p.   magnificum, Monte Toyon garden of Maurie and Fran Sumner.
17-213    c.w.   neoglandulosum or columbianum
17-214    c.w.   occidentale, A O 2
17-215    c.w.   occidentale, Big Basin 602
17-216    c.w.   occidentale, Big Basin 2802
17-217    c.w.   occidentale, Mt Tam 1312
17-218    c.w.   occidentale, Mt. Tam 2903
17-219    c.w.   occidentale, Mt. Tam 3110
17-220    c.w.   occidentale, Mt. Tam
17-221    c.w.   occidentale, Portola
17-222    c.w.   occidentale, Sea Ranch 3002
17-223    c.w.   occidentale, Sea Ranch, Sonoma County, California
17-224    o.p   "Else Frye"1
17-225    o.p.   "Else Frye"1 X "Joy Ridge"2
17-226    comp.   Euphorbia rigida (Gopher Plant)
  1 "Else Frye", a Maddenii Series, very likely ciliicalyx hybrid
  2 "Joy Ridge" a Maddenii Series hybrid, burmanicum x chrysodoron
A complete collection site and plant description of all of Mike McCullough's 2017 R. occidentale collections will be available with your order.

Lloyd Gilmore, BC Canada
17-227    h.p.   'Pure Pleasure' X 'Dexter's Peppermint'
17-228    h.p.   'Apricot Fantasy' X ('Horizon Lakeside' x "Parksville Sunset")
17-229    h.p.   'Many Moons' X macabeanum (Finnerty Gardens, University of Victoria, B.C.)
17-230    o.p.   macrophyllum, Manning Park, B.C.

David Walylko, Pennsylvania USA
17-231    h.p.   'Prom Queen' X 'Solar Flare'
17-232    h.p.   'Hypermax' X barbatum

Yasuyuki Doi, Japan
17-233    h.p.   brachycarpum var. roseum X traillianum var. dictyotum
17-234    h.p.   brachycarpum var. roseum X taliense, SBEC 0334
17-235    h.p.   (brachycarpum var. roseum X dictyotum) X (haematodes x 'Carmen')
17-236    h.p.   brachycarpum var. roseum X (haematodes x 'Carmen')
17-237    h.p.   brachycarpum var. roseum X brachycarpum var. roseum
17-238    h.p.   (tsariense x proteoides) X brachycarpum var. roseum
17-239    h.p.   yakushimanum, dwarf X (tsariense x proteoides)
17-240    h.p.   'Purple Splendour' X (tsariense x proteoides)
17-241    h.p.   'Red Majesty' X {'Carmen' x [(yakushimanum x pseudochrysanthum) x haematodes]}
17-242    h.p.   'Red Majesty' X (tsariense x proteoides)
17-243    h.p.   dauricum, dwarf, double pink flowers X dendrocharis

Joe Coleman Georgia USA
17-244    o.p.   prunifolium, red, Calloway Chapel Road
17-245    o.p.   prunifolium, Calloway Chapel Road
17-246    o.p.   prunifolium, Charlie Andrews
17-247    o.p.   prunifolium, Biltmore Estate
17-248    o.p.   amagianum
17-249    o.p.   vaseyi, Cashiers, North Carolina
17-250    o.p.   vaseyi, Mount Toxaway, North Carolina
17-251    o.p.   serrulatum
17-252    o.p.   arborescens
17-253    o.p.   austrinum, Biltmore Estate
17-254    o.p.   oblongifolium
17-255    o.p.   calendulaceum, Hooper Bald NC
17-256    o.p.   canescens, Nimberwill
17-257    o.p.   'Alina', native, fragrant, Frank Tanner
17-258    o.p.   Hamilton Gardens.
17-259    o.p.   Hooper Bald, single plant
17-260    o.p.   Hooper Bald, single plant
17-261    o.p.   Hooper Bald, single plant

Richard Flavell, Connecticut and FGW Oregon USA
17-262    h.p.   brachycarpum var. tigerstedtii X eximium, RSF 77/737   Goal: big leaf hybrid
17-263    h.p.   brachycarpum var. tigerstedtii X sinogrande, RSF 77/737   Goal: big leaf hybrid
17-264    h.p.   brachycarpum var. tigerstedtii X sinofalconeri, RSF 00/162   Goal: big leaf hybrid
17-265    h.p.   brachycarpum var. tigerstedtii X sinofalconeri, RSF 00/188   Goal: big leaf hybrid
17-266    h.p.   'Delp's Dream' X basilicum, Flavell Garden West (FGW)
17-267    h.p.   'Fantastica' X 'Fire Mountain'   Goal: picotee hybrid foliage
17-268    h.p.   'Francesca' X basilicum, Flavell (FGW)   Goal: big leaf hybrid
17-269    h.p.   'Francesca' X (yakushimanum x falconeri)
17-270    h.p.   'Golfer' X elegantulum, FGW   Goal: foliage
17-271    h.p.   'Golfer' X recurvoides, narrow leaf, FGW   Goal: foliage
17-272    h.p.   'Katherine Dalton' X basilicum,   FGW Goal: foliage
17-273    h.p.   'March Madness' X macabeanum, Bones #1
17-274    h.p.   'Teddy Bear' X basilicum, FGW
17-275    h.p.   'Teddy Bear' X elegantulum, FGW   Goal: big leaf hybrid, color
17-276    h.p.   'Red River' X 'Fire Mountain'   Goal: picotee hybrid, foliage
17-277    h.p.   smirnowii, Mehlquist F1 X pudorosum, RSF 04/222    Goal: big leaf, hybrid, color
17-278    h.p.   'Spellbinder' X "Kathy Bones"
17-279    h.p.   'Silver Sovereign' X sinogrande, Mike Bones plant.   Goal: big leaf hybrid
17-280    h.p.   yakushimanum, Exbury X argyrophyllum, 'Chinese Silver'   Goal: foliage
17-281    h.p.   (yakushimanum, Exbury X 'Ellie Sather') X (haematodes  x mallotum)
17-282    h.p.   (yakushimanum X pachysanthum, Whitney) X recurvoides, FGW   Goal: foliage

Don Hyatt, Virginia USA (2015)
17-283    c.w.   calendulaceum, FS-11-11 ruffled red
17-284    c.w.   calendulaceum, "Roan Molten Lava" ruffled orange
17-285    c.w.   calendulaceum, FS 11-19 Hooper Copper, Large flowered bicolor, Graham County NC
17-286    c.w.   calendulaceum, FS 11-07 "Hooper Pumpkin", Large orange with gold flare, Graham County NC
17-287    c.w.   atlanticum, white, Charles City County, VA
17-288    c.w.   minus var. "smokianum", Sevier County, TN
17-289    c.w.   maximum, "Curtis Creek red max"
17-290    c.w.   vaseyi, 4,000 ft. Haywood Cty N.C.

Tim Behan, Massachusetts USA
17-291    c.w.   maximum, Tuckertown Park, So. Kingston, R.I. USDA 6b, 41º25'33.08"N, 71º33.01"W Elev. 94 ft.P1
17-292    comp.   Yucca [flaccida x (reverchonii thompsoniana] X filamentosa x rostrata, form 1)
17-293    comp.   Yucca [(constricta x filamentosa) x filamentosa x elata, form 'Big Mama', an unusually large form of fila x elata)] X filamentosa x rostrata, form 1)
17-294    comp.   Lagerstroemia indica (Crepe-myrtle), hardy form in my Massachusetts garden X filamentosa x rostrata, form 1)
  P1 Photo at

Erhard Moser, Germany
17-295    o.p.   dichroanthum ssp. scyphocalyx, Böhmen
17-296    h.p.   x geraldii
17-297    o.p.   pachysanthum ex. AC (isolated plant)
17-298    o.p.   x pallescens
17-299    o.p.   planetum
17-300    c.w.   purdomii ex. Qinling Mts, NW China.
17-301    o.p.   sanguineum var. haemaleum, isolated plant

Ed Reekie, Nova Scotia Canada
17-302    h.p.   'Firestorm' X maximum
17-303    h.p.   'Firestorm' X fortunei ssp. discolor
17-304    h.p.   'Mikkeli' X fortunei ssp. discolor
17-305    o.p.   luteum
17-306    h.p.   maximum X facetum
17-307    h.p.   maximum X fortunei ssp. discolor
17-308    o.p.   molle ssp. japonicum
17-309    o.p.   prinophyllum
17-310    o.p.   viscosum

Joe Nemmer, Pennsylvania USA
17-311    h.p.   "Lemon Ice" X 'Pink and Sweet'
17-312    o.p.   'Pink and Sweet'
17-313    h.p.   periclymenoides, alba X alabamense, yellow
17-314    h.p.   'King's Red' X "Margaret Burrell"
17-315    h.p.   "Lemon Ice" X Funbshii???
17-316    h.p.   "Lemon Ice" X 'Madame Jolly'
17-317    h.p.   "Margaret Burrell" X "Choptank River Sweet"
17-318    h.p.   atlanticum X colemanii

R. Perriard, Denmark
17-319    h.p.   lacteum X macabeanum

Robert Zimmerman Washington USA
17-320    h.p.   dichroanthum, ex DGEY 407
17-321    h.p.   glaucophyllum
17-322    h.p.   hookeri, red ex plants from Alan Clark wild collected seed
17-323    h.p.   moupinense, redder flowers
17-324    h.p.   protistum, ex SBEC
17-325    h.p.   sinofalconeri, ex SEH

John & Sally Perkins New Hampshire USA
   2N=diploid, 3N=triploid, 4N=tetraploid, 6N=hexaploid, 8N=octaploid   (N in DNA content)
17-326    h.p.   ('Chickasaw' X 'Fragrant Star') X ("Skinner 166" x 'Smoky Mountaineer') -- 6N X 4N
17-327    h.p.   ('Chickasaw' X 'Fragrant Star') X 'Apricot Surprise' --6x X 4N
17-328    h.p.   ('Chickasaw' X 'Fragrant Star') X Florence -- 6N X 4N
17-329    h.p.   ('Chickasaw' X 'Fragrant Star') X ('Cherokee' x 'Fragrant Star') -- 6N X 6N
17-330    h.p.   ('Chickasaw' X 'Fragrant Star') X "Canobie Coocheechoo" -- 6N X 4N
17-331    h.p.   ('Chickasaw' X 'Fragrant Star') X 'My Mary' -- 6N X 4N
17-332    h.p.   ('Chickasaw' X 'Fragrant Star') X 'Smoky Mountaineer' -- 6N X 4N
17-333    h.p.   (flammeum, red X Snowbird) X 'Cherokee' -- 3N X 4N
17-334    h.p.   alabamense Holden X atlanticum, PV -- 2N X 4N
17-335    h.p.   "Anna's Smile" X (atlanticum X calendulaceum) Donovan -- 3N X 4N
17-336    h.p.   "Anna's Smile" X ("Skinner 166" X 'Smoky Mountaineer') -- 3N X 4N
17-337    h.p.   "Anna's Smile" X 'Arneson Gem' -- 3N X 4N
17-338    h.p.   "Anna's Smile" X calendulaceum, red RSF NOT -- 3N X 4N
17-339    h.p.   "Anna's Smile" X 'Choptank River' -- 3N X 4N
17-340    h.p.   "Anna's Smile" X flammeum, VA -- 3N X 4N
17-341    h.p.   "Anna's Smile" X 'Goldbrick' NOT 3N X 4N?
17-342    h.p.   "Anna's Smile" X 'Golden Light's -- 3N X 4N
17-343    h.p.   "Anna's Smile" X 'Lady Roseberry' -- 3N X 4N
17-344    h.p.   "Anna's Smile" X Lakeside -- 3N X 4N
17-345    h.p.   "Anna's Smile" X luteum 'Golden Comet' -- 3N X 4N
17-346    h.p.   "Anna's Smile" X Molten Lava -- 3N X 4N
17-347    h.p.   "Anna's Smile" x Molten Lava Not -- 3N X 4N?
17-348    h.p.   "Anna's Smile" X "Pierce Whidden" -- 3N X 4N
17-349    h.p.   "Anna's Smile" X "Skinner #167" -- 3N X 4N
17-350    h.p.   "Anna's Smile" X "Skinner #9 -- 3N X 4N
17-351    h.p.   "Anna's Smile" X 'Smoky Mountaineer' -- 3N X 4N
17-352    h.p.   arborescens, Haag X arborescens White Lightning -- 2N X 2N
17-353    h.p.   arborescens, Wayah Bald X calendulaceum, McCarter 1422 -- 2N X 4N
17-354    h.p.   "Canobie Coocheechoo" X 'Fragrant Star' -- 4N X 8N
17-355    h.p.   'Cherokee' X 'Fragrant Star' -- 4N X 8N
17-356    h.p.   cumberlandense, orange X cumberlandense, red -- 2N X 2N
17-357    h.p.   cumberlandense, red X cumberlandense, orange -- 2N X 2N
17-358    h.p.   'Deep Rose' X Molten Lava or OP -- 3N X 4N?
17-359    o.p.   'Fragrant Star' OP #2 -- 8N
17-360    h.p.   Popcorn like X Molten Lava or OP -- 2N? X 4N?
17-361    h.p.   'Smoky Mountainee'r X 'Fragrant Sta'r -- 4N x 8N
17-362    h.p.   'Snowbird' X 'Fragrant Star' -- 4N X 8N
17-363    h.p.   'Spring Rainbow' X 'Fragrant Star' -- 4N X 8N

Karel Bernady, Pennsylvania USA
17-364    c.w.   arborescens, October, 2016, Somerset County, PA; collected from a plant population
17-365    c.w.   arborescens, October, 2016, Somerset County, PA; collected from a light pink flowered plant
17-366    c.w.   arborescens, October, 2016, Somerset County, PA; collected from a group of low growing plants
17-367    h.p.   atlanticum, #1 white flowers with creamy tubes - seed X atlanticum, larger white flowers, 6' plant - pollen c.w. Queen Anne's County, MD (h.p., May, 2016)
17-368    h.p.   atlanticum, #3 pink flowers - seed X atlanticum, pink flowers - pollen c.w. Queen Anne's County, MD (h.p., May, 2016)
17-369    h.p.   atlanticum, #5 white flowers with faint pink tubes - seed X atlanticum, multiple terminal buds with white flowers - pollen Queen Anne's County, MD (h.p., May, 2016)
17-370    h.p.   atlanticum, #6 white flowers - seed X atlanticum, #5 white flowers with faint pink tubes - pollen (h.p., May, 2016)
17-371    c.w.   calendulaceum, October, 2016, Mitchell County, NC; collected from a plant population
17-372    c.w.   calendulaceum, October, 2016, 'Roan Little Yellow', golden yellow selection, compact plant, Mitchell County, NC
17-373    c.w.   calendulaceum, October, 2016, 'Roan Big Bird', clear yellow selection, tall plant, Mitchell County, NC
17-374    c.w.   calendulaceum, October, 2016, Mitchell County, NC; collected from a plant with glowing peach colored flowers
17-375    c.w.   calendulaceum, October, 2016, Mitchell County, NC; collected from a plant with orange-red flowers
17-376    c.w.   calendulaceum, October, 2016, Pocahontas County, WV; collected from a plant population
17-377    c.w.   cumberlandense, October, 2016, Harlan County, KY; collected from a plant population
17-378    c.w.   prinophyllum, October, 2016, Grant County, WV; collected from a plant population
17-379    c.w.   prinophyllum, October, 2016, Tucker County, WV; collected from a plant population

Mike Creel, South Carolina USA
17-380    o.p.   Kalmia latifolia "Creepy", Clarence Towe discovery
17-381    o.p.   arborescens "Early Arb 2"P1, Aiken County, SC
17-382    o.p.   chapmaniiP2
17-383    o.p.   minus var. minus, 'Early Minus'P3, Covington County, Alabama
17-384    o.p.   minus var. minus, , Carolinianum Group, "Snowbank"P4
17-385    o.p.   canescens, "Late One"P5
  P1 Photo at
  P2 Photo at
  P3 Photo at
  P4 Photo at
  P5 Photo at
   A detailed plant description will be included with each Creel seed order.

Jaakko Saarinen, Finland
17-386    o.p.   canadense, Arboretum Mustila, (orig. c.w. Ontario, Alford Bog, 45º29'N, 75º52'W)
17-387    c.w.   brachycarpum ssp. schemetovii, Russian Far East, Ternei District, Sikhote Alin Mountains
17-388    c.w.   mucronulatum, Russian Far East, Partizansky District, Sikhote Alin Mountains 43º27'N, 133º22'E 506m (intermediate between R. mucronulatum & R. sichotense)

A.J. de Boer, The Netherlands
17-389    h.p.   fortunei ssp. fortunei (h.p. from two sister plants)
17-390    h.p.   lindleyi, selfed, KR 8635, RHS 06061
17-391    h.p.   sinonuttallii, selfed
17-392    c.p.   yuefengense, (from two sister plants)

Thomas Milner III, Mississippi USA
17-393    h.p.   "Deborah Arthur"1 X 'Betty Wormald'2
17-394    h.p.   "Deborah Arthur"1 X "Dutchmaster"2
17-395    h.p.   "Deborah Arthur"1 X "Grierpont"2
  1 decorum X hyperythrum, 8 light pink 4" blooms per truss
  2 Pollen gathered from Jenkins Estate garden, Beaverton, OR USA.

Wild Collected Seed, Timothy Atkinson, UK
17-401    c.w.   argipeplum, TDA 780, 787
17-402    c.w.   arboreum ssp. arboreum (pewter indumentum), TDA 902. 903, 914, 920
17-403    c.w.   aeruginosum, TDA 885
17-404    c.w.   barbatum, TDA956, 957, 985
17-405    c.w.   camelliflorum, TDA 840, 852
17-406    c.w.   campanulatum ssp. aeruginosum, TDA 879, 881, 1052
17-407    c.w.   campylocarpum, TDA 992,996, 999, 1004, 1065, 1066, 1072, 1075
17-408    c.w.   ciliatum, TDA 819, 821, 823
17-409    c.w.   cinnabarinum, TDA 984, 1057
17-410    c.w.   withdrawn
17-411    c.w   glaucophyllum, TDA 97, 982, 964, 955
17-412    c.w.   grande, TDA 1098
17-413    c.w.   griffithanum, TDA 1095
17-414    c.w.   hodgsonii, TDA 978, 1007, 1014, 1015, 1016, 1078
17-415    c.w.   niveum, TDA 933, 934, 935, 936, 938
17-416    c.w.   niveum X arborescens?, TDA 952
17-417    c.w.   pendulum, TDA 930, 939, 942,958, 970
17-418    c.w.   setosum, TDA 1031, 1037
17-419    c.w.   thompsonii, TDA 777, 780, 789, 961, 966, 969
17-420    c.w.   wallichii, TDA 988
17-421    c.w.   wightii, TDA 871, 874, 876, 1019, 1021, 1027
17-422    c.w.   Azalea indicum

Companion Plants, Timothy Atkinson, UK
17-423    comp.   Acer campbellii, TDA 997, 1011
17-424    comp.   Aconitum, TDA 1017
17-425    comp.   Araseama griffithii, TDA 776
17-426    comp.   Aster arb., TDA 835 968
17-427    comp.   Astilbe rivularis, TDA1097
17-428    comp.   Berberis species, TDA 873, 994, 1035, 1058
17-429    comp.   withdrawn
17-430    comp.   withdrawn
17-431    comp.   Cardiocrinum gigantum, (Giant Himalayan lily) TDA857
17-432    comp.   Cautleya spicata, TDA 1099, 1114, 1115
17-433    comp.   Cinchona pubescens, TDA 1105
17-434    comp.   Clematis sp., TDA 851, 895, 897, 1013
17-435    comp.   Clematis aff., TDA 893
17-436    comp.   Codonopsis affinis, TDA 807
17-437    comp.   Cotoneaster frigidus, TDA834
17-438    comp.   Cotoneaster, TDA 1100
17-439    comp.   Dichroa febrifuga, TDA 1091, 1107
17-440    comp.   Duranta, TDA 908
17-441    comp.   Elsoltzia flava, TDA 811, 833
17-442    comp.   Lingularia fisheri, TDA 842
17-443    comp.   Engelhardia spicata, TDA 1079
17-444    comp.   Enkianthus deflexus, TDA 975
17-445    comp.   Fern sp., TDA 853
17-446    comp.   Gaultheria fragrantissimum, TDA 1022
17-447    comp.   Gaultheria trichophylla, TDA 910, 986, 1036
17-448    comp.   Gaultheria, TDA 1022
17-449    comp.   Hydrangea robusta, TDA 1084, 1111
17-450    comp.   Hedychium sp., (Ginger Lily) TDA 1080
17-451    comp.   Inula hookeri, TDA 869, 983
17-452    comp.   Iris sp., TDA794
17-453    comp.   Jasmine, TDA837
17-454    comp.   Juniperus recurva, TDA 899
17-455    comp.   Lezpedeza, (ornamental clover) TDA 923
17-456    comp.   Lirope sp., TDA 1090
17-457    comp.   Melostoma normale, TDA 1102
17-458    comp.   Parthenocisus himalayana aff., TDA1113
17-459    comp.   Philidelphus tomentosus, (Fuzzy Mock-orange) TDA 858
17-460    comp.   Polygala arillata, (Milkwort family) TDA 827
17-461    comp.   Potentilla sp., TDA 866
17-462    comp.   Rosa sp., TDA 796, 844, 846, 998, 1026
17-463    comp.   Sarcococca wallichii aff., TDA 817
17-464    comp.   Sorbus sp., TDA 800 (Limited)
17-465    comp.   Tetradium ruticarpum, TDA 813, 864, 900
17-466    comp.   Thalictrum sp., TDA 793, 831, 839
17-467    comp.   
Zanthoxylum oxyphyllum, TDA 917, 918, 1101



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